Light Gauge Steel Frame Design

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Team of Structural Engineers with a 10+ years of Design experience in Cold formed Steel Structures,   Pre Engineered Buildings and Lumber Structures for Low Rise, Mid Rise and High Rise Structures.



Complying to the following Design codes

American Standards

  • ACI 318   Concrete Structures
  • AISC  Hot Rolled Steel Structures
  • AISI  Cold formed Steel Structures
  • NDS   Lumber Structures

Canadian Standards

  • CSA A23.1  Concrete Structures
  • S16   Hot Rolled Steel Structures
  • S136  Cold formed steel Structures
  • CSA 086  Lumber Structures

European Standards

  • EC 4  Concrete Structures
  • EC 3 Part 1.1  Hot Rolled Steel Structures
  • EC 3 Part 1.3  Cold Formed Steel Structures
  • EC 5  Lumber Structures

Middle East Standards

Most of the Middle East Projects are Designed Based on American Standards or European Standards

Africa Standards

  • SANS 10100  Concrete Structures
  • SANS 10120  Hot Rolled Steel Structures
  • SANS 10162  Cold Formed Steel Structures

Types of Structures

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Mid Rise Structures
  • High Rise Structures
  • Retrofitting and rehabilitation

Type of Products

  • Cold Formed Steel Structures
  • Hot Rolled Steel structures
  • Concrete Structures
  • Lumber Structures