Light Gauge Steel Frame Design

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Q: What are the  Capabilities of the Team?

A: Engineers at PMCL   have more than 10 Years of Experience in Design and Detailing of Cold Formed Steel Structures


Q: What are the Past projects Done by PMCL ?

A: Engineers at PMC Ltd. Has designed more then 10 lakh Sq. ft. of Cold Formed Steel Projects in all over the World.


Q:  Are you providing Stamping and Sealing of Design Drawings?

A: Since the Project Locations are out of our Legislation we do not Provide Stamping and Sealing in all Project Locations. However if you do not have a local PE we can assist you with the listed PE with us in your area.  


Q:Will you submit Hard Copies of the Projects or Soft copies?

A: We will Provide Soft copies of the Final Submission, Hard Copies can be provided on Demand.


Q: What is the Payment Guarantee against the Advance Annual Fees I have paid?

A: We at PMCL can provide PERFORMANCE BOND at an extra cost  against the services provided if required by the client.


Q:  Will you be able to design using Proprietary Software's of Roll Former?

A: Yes


Q:What if my annual Subscription i.e. 20,000 sq.ft. is exhausted before One Year?

A: You can renew your Subscription again.


Q: What is the Professional Liability Covered?

A: Since we are not stamping and sealing the Package, we do not provide any Professional Liability.


Q:  What  happens to the designs once the project is complete?

A: We maintain a world class back up system the designs remains in our database the client can access it any time with their user id & password. The design always remains as the clients property.