Light Gauge Steel Frame Design

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We offers Structural Engineering Services in two packages,

Standard Offer:

  • As a part of Standard package following Services are provided
  • Gravity and Lateral Analysis and Design using Standard sections
  • Cold Formed Steel Structural Drawings
  • Cold Formed Steel Shop Drawings
  • Cold Formed Steel Connection Design and Details
  • Hot Rolled Steel as per the Project Requirement
  • Foundation design for Typical Stem wall type Foundation



Subscription is at a Fixed Fees of USD 10,000

(for 20,000 sq.ft. built up)



* Annual Payment  is an online subscription that can be directly availed from our website, Fees limited to Maximum Project size of 20,000 sq.ft either in single project or in multiple projects with multiple contractors pooling in their projects, additional services from above will be charged as Man hour basis.


Customized Offer:


Each project is evaluated and quoted for the required services and upon approval, we will undertake the design services.